Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Effects of dietary mint on performance , gut morphology and microbiology of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    Motejaded, Vafa    0000-00-00
2    Effect of lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) essential oil on performance, digestibility, blood metabolites and immune system in broiler chicks.            0000-00-00
3    The effect of mannan-oligosaccharides on performance, immune system and blood metabolites of broiler chickens            0000-00-00
4    Production and purification of egg yolk immunoglobulin (IgY) in injection condition of Escherichia coli in laying hens            0000-00-00
5    Effects of mint and tarragon powders on growth performance, carcass characteristics and immune parameters of broiler chickens            0000-00-00
6    Effects of different levels of zinc in the corn – soy meal based diet with/ without enzyme cocktail on the performance and immuno of broiler chicks            0000-00-00
7    Interactions between in ovo feeding, breeder hens age and time of post-hatch feeding on somatic attributes, oxidative status, pectoral muscle morphology, growth performance, and behavioral variables of broiler chicks            0000-00-00
8    The study of power electricity production containing calcium compound on performance and blood metabolites of male broilers.    M.Sc.    hassanpour bashi, samira    2010-05-11
9    Extrusion temperature effect on nutritional quality of full fat soybean and broiler chicken performance.    M.Sc.    zhaleh, safa    2010-05-17
10    Effects of L-glutamine supplementation on performance and immune responses of broiler chickens    Ph.D    Alizadeh Ghamsari, Amir Hossein    2010-06-20
11    The effect of thyme extract on performance and gut microflora of chickens    M.Sc.    mirzakhani, milad    2011-01-02
12    Effect of roasted soybean in the rations on some blood parameters and performance of male broiler chickens    M.Sc.    mihan doost, mahdi    2011-01-21
13    Effects of dietary supplementation of Ferula Gummosa boiss. on performance and gut microbiology of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    abdollahizave, zahra    2011-01-23
14    Effect of ideal protein and digestible sulfur amino acid level in prestarter diet on performance of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    Akhavan Khaleghi, Avisa    2011-02-19
15    The Effect of Fruit Hydroalcoholic Extract of Withania Coagulans on Performance, Immune responses, Calcium and Phosphorus Digestibility, Intestinal Morphology and Blood Metabolites of Broiler Chicks.    Ph.D    Hosseini, Seyed Javad    2011-03-06
16    The comparison of first Iranian commercially produced phytase with foreign type and its effect on performance of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    saeidi, karim    2011-04-07
17    Effect of marigold (Calendula Officinails) extract levels on skin color, performance, liver related enzymes and histology of liver and kidney in broiler chickens    M.Sc.    Vahed, Reyhane    2011-05-29
18    The effect of Nano-multivitamin supplementation on performance, blood parameter and immune response of broiler chickens.    M.Sc.    sheikhsamani, esmaeil    2011-05-29
19    The effect of digestible arginine and protein levels in diets with ideal amino acids profile on carcass characteristics and performance of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    gholami, mostafa    2011-05-29
20    : A comparative study on diet supplementation with a cinnamon oil, antibiotic and probiotic on performance, intestine morphology and immune system in broiler chicken    M.Sc.    Behroozlak, Mohammad Ali    2011-05-29
21    The effect of dietary and in ovo injection of clove essential oil and protexin probiotic on performance ,immune response ,intestinal morphology and gene expression of AVBD1 and AVBD2 in Broiler Chickens    Ph.D    Azadegan Mehr, Mona    2011-06-12
22    In vivo and in vitro antioxidant and antibactrterial activity of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil and its supplemental effect during heat stress in broiler chicks.    Ph.D    bidar, nasim    2012-01-17
23    Effect of protein and electrolyte balance of finisher diet and heat stress on broiler chickens performance    M.Sc.    ghasempour, bashir    2012-03-11
24    Interactive effects of stocking density and dietary energy levels on performance, carcass characteristics and number of blood metabolites of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    JAHANDOST ARDIN, SAEID    2012-05-06
25    The effect of In ovo injection and dietary supplementation of grape seed extract and vitamin C on performance, immune response, antioxidant status, intestinal morphology and gene expression of HSP70 in broiler chickens under heat stress    Ph.D    Hajati, Hosna    2012-07-07
26    The effect of dietary supplementation of Echinaceae Purple, Verbascum Thapsus and Thyme vulgaris essential oils on performance, immunological responses, blood parameters and their antioxidant activity in male broiler chickens    Ph.D    Alipour khesht, Fahimeh    2012-07-07
27    Effects of different dietary levels of butyrate and protected butyrate on performance, nutrient digestibility and gut histology of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    noruzi, Hadi    2013-02-17
28    The effect of source and concentration of selenium on performance, immune system and tissue selenium distribution of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    azizi, ehsan    2013-06-02
29    The effect of flavonoids (chrysin and quercetin) and a combination of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus Salivarius in ovo injection on performance, hatchability and immune responses of broiler chickens    Ph.D    Khaligh Gharetappe, Farhad    2013-06-22
30    Effects of hydro extract of pulicaria gnaphalodes on performance, carcass charesterictics and some blood parameters in broiler chickens under chronic heat stress    M.Sc.    najafi, esmail    2013-06-30
31    The effect of acidified diet with HCl and butyric acid on performance, protein apparent digestibility, gut morphology and intestinal microflora of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    salari, aliakbar    2013-06-30
32    Influence of feed form and particle size on performance, apparent metabolisable energy, nutrient digestibility and gastrointestinal tract development in broiler chickens fed maize–based diets    Ph.D    Naderinejad, Saeed    2013-11-17
33    Effects of intra-amniotic administration and dietary supplementation of zinc-methionine and mannan oligosaccharide on hatchability, tissue zinc concentration, intestinal microflora, morphology, immune response and performance of broiler chickens    Ph.D    Roofchaee, Amir    2013-12-01
34    Effects of inulin and enzyme complex on growth performance, intestinal microflora, and jejunal histomorphology and nutrient digestibility in broiler chickens fed wheat- soybean diet    Ph.D    jamili, fereshte    2014-01-20
35    The effect of dietary olive leaf (europaea Olea) and coriander seed powders (Coriandrum sativum) on productive performance, immune system, small intestine morphology and their antioxidant property in broiler chickens    Ph.D    sabetan shiraze, ahmad ali    2014-02-09
36    Development of equations to predict metabolizable energy of some high yielding barley varieties before and after processing and comparison of obtained data with NIRS outputs and values reported in NRC tables based on performance responses of male broilers    Ph.D    malakzadegan, ahmad    2014-07-01
37    Investigation of the effects of different levels of Origanum Vulgare, probiotic and Antibiotic on performance, gut morphology, nutrients digestibility, immunity responses and blood parameters of broiler chickens    Ph.D    abedini, atefeh    2014-09-16
38    The effect of periodically feeding of low protein diets on performance, immune system and apparent digestibility of nitrogen in broiler chickens    M.Sc.    razzghi, esmaeal    2014-11-16
39    Determination of amino acid requirements by serum urea, ammonium and uric acid and excreta uric acid and lysine alpha-ketoglutarate reductase activity in broiler chickens    Ph.D    hassanpour bashi, samira    2014-12-22
40    Effect of different levels of vitamin premixes in the finisher wheat based diet on performance of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    khakshoor edeliky, Naser    2015-01-04
41    The effect of different dietary supplementation calcium iodate on quantitative and qualitative traits of the eggs and iodine accumulation in eggs of Hy-line W-36 layers during 32 to 44 weeks of age    M.Sc.    Bakhshalinejad, Reza    2015-01-04
42    The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Heracleum persicum and threonine on performance, blood parameters, intestinal morphology and immune response of broiler chicken during normal temperature and heat stress    Ph.D    eftekhari, seyed morteza    2015-01-04
43    The effect of different dietary levels of free fatty acids and glycerol on performance, gut morphology and carcass traits of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    kheirabadi, ghasem    2015-01-04
44    The Effect of early age calcium and phosphorous restriction on performance, blood metabolites and tibia ash of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    babaee, vahid    2015-05-17
45    Effects of Energy and Protein Sources, Amino Acids Density and Exogenous Enzymes in Pre-starter Diet on Metabolizable Energy, Intestinal Microflora, Gut Morphology, and Performance of Broiler Chickens    Ph.D    Nabizadeh, Ali    2015-06-09
46    The Effect of Nucleotide Supplementation on Induced Ascites by Salt in Drinking Water and Different Levels of Metabolizale Energy and Its Effect on Performance, Blood Metabolites and Expression of HIF-1α and PLIN1 Genes in Broiler Chickens    Ph.D    safaei, mohammad    2015-09-15
47    Effects of Betaine Replacement for Methionine on Performance, Blood Parameters, a Number of Quantitative and Qualitative Traits of Breast Muscle and Respiratory Chain Enzymes Function under Normal Temperature and Heat Stress in Broiler Chickens    Ph.D    sahebi ala, fateme    2015-10-11
48    The effect of supplementation with different sources of manganese on the performance and egg quality of laying hens    M.Sc.    Barzegar, Nafiseh    2015-11-01
49    The effect of different dietary levels of Yucca extract powder (Yucca schidigera) on performance, blood metabolites, immune system and carcass traits of broiler chickens    M.Sc.    amirbeyk, ehsan    2016-04-10
50    Determination of standardized ileal digestibility of amino acisds and phosphorus of some cereal grains and protein meals in Japanese quail    Ph.D    Ghazaghi, Mahmoud    2016-06-19
51    Effects of LinSoy® and linseed supplementation in commercial laying hens diet on yolk lipids profile and egg quality and quantity traits    M.Sc.    ashhadi, mahdi    2017-04-16
52    Effects of different corn conditioning temperatures in mash diets with and without enzyme supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and small intestine morphology of broiler chickens    Ph.D    teymuri, mohsen    2018-06-13
53    Comparison of metabolizable energy of wheat conditioned in different temperature and its use in mash diet with/without enzyme supplementation on jejunum morphology, ileum microbiome and growth performance of broiler chickens    Ph.D    salavati, seyyed mohammadreza    2018-06-13
54    Effect of lysophospholipids (LPLs) supplementation in diets differing in fat sources on metabolizable energy, blood parameters, intestinal morphology, ceca microbiome and performance in broiler chickens    Ph.D    salari, aliakbar    2018-06-18
55    Investigating on improvement of calcium and phosphorous utilization by early life adaptation to low calcium and phosphorous diets and probiotic supplementation in broiler chickens    Ph.D    Imari, Zeyad Kamal Abdulkadhim    2018-06-26
56    Evaluation of broilers ability to adapt to low calcium and phosphorus diets    Ph.D    Noruzi, Hadi    2018-07-02